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Another bad year for female authors

See more of the charts over at the Vida site. Here’s a snippet from my reaction to last year’s count: I dislike the fact of women always having to hammer these points home. And having their voices in special “women issues” or “women’s literary journals” (read, the issues no serious male thinker ever has to...

Erin Moure at Concordia, February 15

Translation: Operations at the heart (ache) of meaning A talk with translator/poet ERIN MOURE 6pm February 15, 2012 EV6-735 (enter on Mackay, elevator to 6th) Concordia University 1555 Ste Catherine West Montreal All welcome Drawing on examples from her translation practice in poetry, Erín Moure discusses translation as an operation that is not just linguistic,...

Conceptual writers take note

Looking forward to Christian Marclay’s, The Clock, now at the National Gallery in Ottawa–and a very good reason to head in that direction. This piece, like his earlier work, takes advantage of the abundance of visual material at our disposal, mining contemporary film for moments that include, as we see below, a clock, or a...

Christian Marclay, Telephone

Donald Bartheleme, The Sentence

Or a long sentence moving at a certain pace down the page aiming for the bottom-if not the bottom of this page then some other page-where it can rest, or stop for a moment to think out the questions raised by its own (temporary) existence, which ends when the page is turned, or the sentence...

Linda Besner

From the id kid. Thinking about the relationship of the consonant to the Canadian poetic aesthetic. From lyric to avant gard, we love dense sound. And movement. This poem gallops, canters, struts, turns, and preens and turns and preens. So, one relationship of consonants and sounds with or without meaning is about beauty. Or, how...

Visual Poetry: Ikea by Price

Lisa Gittleman, Concordia 2011

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