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Faith, hope, praise become the dead weight of the lyric..

I wish that Nilling had arrived prior to the first draft of my Lyric Conceptualism manifesto because there are many lines, many thoughts that complicate and extend the ideas gathering there. She is a model lyric conceptualist. An appreciation of reading. Not an appreciation of reception, but a reveling in process. An awareness and acknowledgement...

Wee visit, Toronto

Heading over to my favourite bookstore in a few minutes. Always a risky proposition…hard on my pocket book, good for the soul. Then The AGO to see the Iain Baxter.

Book Reviews: A Tortured History – The Atlantic

In general, John Updike favored the nice-guy approach to book reviewing, one that favored and coddled the author and limited the reviewer. He had a set of standards—his “rules” of reviewing—that clearly arose out of his experiences as an oft-reviewed author. They go something like this: 1) don’t review books you have any personal connection...

When poets turn to fiction : Sina Queyras : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

Latest post over at Harriet. I find myself constantly wanting to apologize for not writing a big important boy novel about ideas, or a funny novel about a whimsical girl. Why is that? Everyone seems to have an idea about what a novel should and more emphatically, should not be. Novels, to my mind, are...

If it walks like apocalypse: Dennis Lee’s testament : Sina Queyras : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

I still think artists are having much more success tackling environmental issues than poets are. Non-fiction writers too for that matter: David Abram, Bill McKibben, here at home Charlotte Gill perhaps. Or, as Darren Wershler Tweeted recently, quoting Lisa Gitelman, “there is no Shakespeare of climatology”: only premodern science has authors in that sense #networkarchaeology. Interesting.Here’s an excerpt from...

On Reading Stein : Sina Queyras : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

In which I recount reading Stein at Poetry Foundation and upon reflection, do so with altogether too many “I”s. Ick. Bad Poet. Bad. For the record, here is how I chose to read the poem: Mama loves you best because you are Spanish Mama loves you best /because you are Spanish Spanish /or which/ or a...

What are we talking about when we talk about Lyric? A response to Kenneth Goldsmith’s Response to the Lyric Conceptualism Manifesto

One of my central questions then, is can we really posit a binary that asserts a lyric impulse, or lyric creativity as opposed to what might be termed non-lyric, or “uncreative” creativity? Is this what conceptualism has developed in resistance to? What are we talking about when we talk about lyric? Lyric, or identity? As...

Conceptual Poetry Carries the Weight of Contemporary Poetry

The Soft Grid: A Response to Sina Queyras’s Lyric Conceptualist Manifesto : Kenneth Goldsmith : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

The conversation over at Harriet is getting quite interesting. Queyras’s manifesto primarily hinges upon one sentence: “The Lyric Conceptualist is not necessarily a feminine body, but it has the stink of the impure, a certain irreverence for the master, therefore it is by default, feminine in construction.” Accordingly, second-generation minimalism in the visual arts—also known...

365 Ruined Sonnets: Notes & Conversation with Stephen Collis

My second Harriet post of the month. In a statement attached to the “365 Sonnets I Destroyed” Collis says the idea came while he was between projects and wanted to try a daily practice. “The idea of sheer, un-productive practice attracted me–the idea of writing and destroying what you’d written, just to ‘get better,’ the...

Ode to Poetry – Sharon Olds and Ghostface Killa

Happy feet

Michael Robbins–2 poems

Making Art from Art

Making art from art has never been more exciting. Or, perhaps we just have so much to work with. And it seems to me that what conceptual art/writing does best is help us take scale into account. Such as we can take scale into account. Is this a non-lyric gesture? I would argue no, not...

In which Hemingway does Hemingway without knowing he is doing Hemingway

It came to me in a haze…. or how not to describe your book before you begin a reading…Though the modulation is kind of nice “Enjoying the action of THE PIGEONS!” Oh, and then there’s this:

Montreal Review of Books

Takes a look at Autobiography of Childhood.