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Feminist Boot Camp #7

One of the dirty little secrets about the whole women complaining about lack of representation in the book reviewing business is the fact that many women won’t review. Why won’t they? The generous response I give often has to do with a fear of confrontation, a fear of mastery, an unwillingness to take a fixed...

Feminist Boot Camp #39

Lisa Robertson signs books at Pages, Calgary You are not alone. You need not limit your poetry to the kitchen, or the bedroom, or the garden, or the relational, or to the singular, or to the daily. Look around you. Look outside of your life. Look next door. Look in your books. These are not...

he sensed parts of himself elsewhere

he sensed parts of himself elsewhere, originally uploaded by lemon hound. Posting some of these images from my archives. This piece, titled, Inasmuch As It Is Always Already Taking Place by American artist, Gary Hill, is a sixteen-channel video (black and white, sound), sixteen black and white TV tubes and wires. When I saw it, it was...
Mummified Barbies: Toward an Essay on Feminine Exteriority

Mummified Barbies: Toward an Essay on Feminine Exteriority

We cut their hair off. Chew on the breasts. Paint their bodies. Slip a condom over their heads and dip them in Spaghettios. We are never quite so inventive in imagining our own bodies as when we encounter this sterile, unreal version of femininity. Our first canvas. Our first manifestation. Our first bout of hostility...

The red patch smelled like clover

The red patch smelled like clover, originally uploaded by lemon hound. One of a series from an old group of photos added to a Six Word Stories pool. Not sure that the title is enough to gesture toward a narrative, but it does give a motivation for the movement,  I suppose, and knits together the...

UB40 – Food for Thought (1980)

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On Reviewing: Jan Zwicky

LH: What do you think the purpose of a review is? JZ: To inform people who might be interested in reading the book that it exists, and to offer an imaginatively and intellectually engaged appreciation of it. LH: If you write reviews, how would you describe your approach, or method? JZ: I do review, but...

The Lady Poets & All Their Lady Parts

Thanks to Don Share these are, respectively,  Edna St. Vincent Millay, Aline Kilmer, Sara Teasdale, Zoe Akins, Lola Ridge, Amy Lowell…for more see Poetry’s Tumblr. I get it. Getting called Critic Bitch, referred to as a smelly Margaret Wente, minimized, undermined (that’s the most popular form): Ladies, when the assholes start calling you names and...

Lyric Conceptualism: A Manifesto In Progresss

BY SINA QUEYRAS The Lyric Conceptualist has moved beyond the indigestible and the unreadable, in fact, beyond all gestures that have made pleasure the enemy of reading. The Lyric Conceptualist remains true to her politics of inclusion, appreciating the thinkership of conceptual poetry, the revelations in mass assemblages that concretize the ephemeral textuality of daily life.  Still,...

Quebec Students Reminding Canada of the Possibility of Canada

The Charest government should have learned from Gilles Duceppe. I live in his riding. I saw him several times during his last election, slipping in and out of his car, looking very smug indeed. Not a bad man, Duceppe, but a man who had become completely out of touch with his riding, with the moment…...

Massive Support

Hoping the student movement will take this massive burst of support and find ways of protesting that aren’t going to fall into a trap. Please follow and like us:0

Under Rich Earth

Thinking of this in relation to all the Occupy movements…and in particular the northern pipeline opponents. Wish this was screened in every town along the Skeena. Please follow and like us:0


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