A POEM ABOUT CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES For Alik Ginzburg     Had it up to here: Chatted up to here.   Chatted up to here: Had it up to here.     Chatted, Had it,   Had it, Chatted!           VERSES ON ANY WATER   Water Water water water Water water water water Water water water water Water water Water Flowed       Sergey Sergeyevich the teacher Bought himself a magnifier Bought himself a magnifier Not because he was a teacher But because he won the lottery   - - - -     Underfoot out the door You feel The leaves   There must be A road here   That must be Moscow there   Vacant Darkness   Rainy Silence   Distant barks Halloing   One streetlamp Another   from I Live I see, Vsevold Nekrasov, Ugly Duckling Press, 2013 Vsevolod Nekrasov (1934-2009) was a member of the "non-conformist" Lianozovo group, a founder of Moscow Conceptualism, and the foremost minimalist to come out of the Soviet literary underground. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, his work appeared only in samizdat and Western publications. With an economy of lyrical means and a wry sense of humor, Nekrasov's early poems rupture Russian poetic tradition and stultified Soviet language, while his later work tackles the excesses of the new Russian order. I Live I See is a testament to Nekrasov's lifelong conviction that art can not only withstand, but undermine oppression.