Lemon Hound Poetry Prize Shortlisted Poems

Our fabulous judge, Rae Armantrout, has selected the five finalists for our first poetry prize. The winner will receive $750. We’ll announce that winner Monday, April 7th. But, before then we will post all five finalists, one a day, because we think each of the finalists deserves to be read. So, let us entertain you.

Oh, and just as a reminder, I am including our long list, below:

Alex Porco, “The Minutes XIX”

Alice Burdick, “Terms and Conditions”

Claudia Radmore, “argle bagle eructation”

Divya Victor, “Color: A Sequence of Unbearable Happenings

Geoffrey Morrison, “Lungfish”

Leanne Dunic, “Botanic Lust”

Matthew Tierney, “Radio Call-In-No-Show”

Melanie Siebert, “Thereafter”

Rebecca Olander, “Return to the Great Meadows”

Robin Richardson, “A Hedgehog In The Kitchen Keeps The Cockroaches At Bay”

Sheryda Warrener, “We Bought A Little City”

Tom Hardy, “Valve”

Trish Salah, “Eulalia for Mother Night”