Test   Tolerance for raw meat is a good start.     You've got a nice selection of scars but I need more proof.     Here's a sleeping bag, plastic cup, a box of raisins.   You don't like raisins – yet.   Flashlight, gauze, a bottle of water. Keep matches dry.     I'll drop you off uncharted   distant from city limits.   In three days, I'll shout your name.   *   We're For The Dark   Attuned, I explore forests and labyrinths – steal irrational artefacts. I comprehend only in relation to you. In the living landscape, mosquitoes bite my ankles but I scratch at my breast. I give my entire splintered self. Am savage, limerent.   *   Inclination     Meet me. Don't discount. Lunacy.   Lasting.   Savoury buddha, two-edged demon. Your insect eyes unable to forecast   this dissembled flower. Extraordinary must break, unable   to sustain. How heavy to be ordinary now. *
Leanne Dunic is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and musician. Being of mixed race (her mother is Chinese, her father is Croatian), much of Leanne’s work possesses hybrid-identity themes. She is the singer/guitarist of the band Luck Commander.