IF I CAN MAKE IT THERE It’s January and in the news, white fluff, cherry trees flowering in Brooklyn. What to make of the changed phenology? A closet of cuttings: Pale yellow pages. Lignin destabilized where lines are preserved. I’ll follow greenhouse seeds, edit second editions but need more breathing room, more literature review. And better intentions. I must try to recycle last year’s unread New Yorkers. I must learn all the facts. How in the nineteenth century Croatian cherries were bleached with sulphur dioxide, dyed a candy red, and soaked in sugar. I must attempt a Manhattan. Sweet vermouth, bitters, that pitless heart at the bottom.   ALIENATION (THE TRANSFERRING OF TITLE OR OF INTEREST) Accounts were ignition sources from within their own perimeter, but in recent months, climate without change reduced the spread of public attention A media agent increased persistence but there were no linkages between abatement and refugia Personal communication and park status dropped below natural levels The lawsuit may have referred to the next largest remnant, properties sorted by size, scattered matrices, the formation of a complex, as well as the countless gaps. Criterion A: The wood turtle taken on a voluntary basis Criterion B: The two-lined salamander plotted as two single bars _____  

photo by Karen Whylie, Coyote Photos

Madhur Anand is an ecology professor at the University of Guelph. She co-edited the anthology Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry. Her debut collection of poems A New Index for Predicting Catastrophes is being published in April 2015 by McClelland & Stewart.