Taryn Hubbard: Two Poems


I tried to explain non-sequitur username

perfect punch line a secret combination

what’s the point of baited wish down at the avatar hall?

tight cued lemon juice, raspberry, reboot,

a diagnosis for coconut oil

nature’s web forum

crowd verified recommendations for correcting

personal experiences, or what happened to my friend, or

my brother this one time

SEO’d help burns the midnight oil

tagged error message, symptom failure

syntax web search: a JavaScript file, CSS

Hypertext Transfer Protocol 404—damn it, Dolly! server cannot be found

I wasn’t there from the start, ok, but where? May I start here?

foolish refusal of sadness

I beg you, tear authentic response toward user arousal



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Taryn Hubbard’s work has been published or is forthcoming in echolocation, The Capilano Review, Rusty Toque, EVENT, WOMANZINE, harlequin creature, CV2, and others. She is an editorial board member at Room magazine, and lives in Surrey, B.C.

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