THIS DON JUAN FISHBOWL to reach and stop. to want and keep going. to want to reach the limit. to want to take and justify the taking. to reach the limit and steal transgressing. this shapes all that is cypher. sealed with a kiss. so many they cannot be counted. so many thrown, juggled, dropped and forgotten. the cypher of all fault. to take and abandon. to give the oath and take it back. to take each one, each kiss, each blessed grain of irritation, one at a time and reject it. that is how don juan took mille e tre. each a pearl grown by him.   FISHBOWL OF ADULTERY he picks a daisy and counts its binary. I love her. I love her not. no, I love her. I love her not. I love not her but him. no, I love her. or I love him. I love him not. I want. I want him. I want him not. I want. scientists use their eyes like hands, feeling for the aberration in light to pinpoint distant planets. the same heuristic practice is found in those studying Don Juan’s perversion. a wedding band or vague mounds in aerial photographs. he has them. he does not. he has hidden them. he has not. she reads this ambivalence, all over the map. documents forays, near misses and then disinterest. keeps the mystery of the daisy hiding in full sunlight. let us take Bagdad as the tenth wife.   FISHBOWL FOR DON JUAN Don Juan is not heterosexual but ambidextrous. has built an argument so sound no hand has exposed the question. made it a biblical argument that sleeps through every objection. Don Juan never stops. he takes them one at a time promising a house and garden and four wheel drive. no one is without opportunity. no one is turned away. no one is privileged. not one of us is evil. the capitalism of original sin. _____ Concetta Principe (PhD) has three books to her credit, including walking (2013) with DC Books, and an earlier collection of prose poems, Interference (Guernica Editions 1999). As well as writing prose-poetry, she is a scholar/teacher of literature, philosophy and biblical-cultural studies. Her first scholarly project, Secular Messiahs and the Return of Paul’s Real, is coming out this spring with Palgrave MacMillan.