Davis Plett



I am matri-/patri-
co-conceived by seven generations of mothers and fathers
at a time travellers’ orgy
in an act of unprecedented incest

therefore I am
the will and the testament
but, please, not the last

let the last be my rumoured posterity, grand
children gasping in the fug of an atomic vaudeville perhaps
they will be the last (or maybe sooner,
whispers the BBC in the morning light
or maybe sooner:
scientists predict 50% of marriages will end
in diabetes, in the future, when we’re all bunged up
and brought low
huddling in the basements
of our parents’ squat
suburban houses)

pass the gnarled baton and pray
for the traitorous and fugitive
moments, brothers and sisters

Darwin is the monkey on our back



Davis Plett is an emerging Winnipeg writer who writes about the extreme difficulty of writing well. He was a featured poet at CV2’s 2014 Dead Poets Society Fundraiser and is the co-editor of Juice 15, the 2015 edition of the University of Winnipeg’s student literary journal. He also plays electric guitar in several local bands, all of which are destined for musical obscurity. Davis is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English (Honours) at the University of Winnipeg.

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