Sarah Lynn Vaage



Everyone settle down and gather ’round
as today we study, newly-discovered,
the twenty-first century child.

Note the tattoos threading through its body.
Ink oozing out of its pores and taking shape.
Dragons, flowers, emblems, all capture the essence of
the twenty-first century child.

See the earbuds growing out of its ears,
like tapeworms, dangling down, hooking to its voice-box.
Speakers of symbols and letters, words were not used by
the twenty-first century child.

Take in the bone-white skin, the teeth like rotten lemons,
bulbous eyes bulging out, leeching light from strobe-light screens,
absorbing the pixels that form the brain of
the twenty-first century child.

Some of you look frightened, but what do you fear?
What have you in common with
the twenty-first century child?



Sarah Lynn Vaage is a writer and editor. She is currently completing a double major at the University of Winnipeg in English, and Rhetoric and Communications. Sarah Lynn is a board member of The Writers’ Collective of Manitoba, and is also a member of The Manitoba Editors’ Association.