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Paul Watkins on Vicuña and bissett: A Poetics of “Meditaysyun”

Spit Temple, Cecilia Vicuña. Trans. Rosa Alcalá. Ugly Duckling Press, 2012. hungree throat, bill bissett. Talonbooks, 2013. Review By Paul Watkins  As literary scholar Charles Bernstein states: “What interests me is a poetry and a poetics that do not edit out so much as edit in: that include multiple conflicting perspectives and types of languages...

The Resonance of Things: Jan Zwicky’s “Forge”

I begin my review of Jan Zwicky’s sonorous Forge with some echolocations—that is, intertextual bricolaging—with excerpts from texts that intersect with the sonic undulations present in Forge. Zwicky’s work welcomes such a reading as her own poetry—including her philosophical texts: Wisdom and Metaphor and Lyric Philosophy—are resonantly interwoven together in polyvocal relation to an archive...