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derek beaulieu on Cia Rinne

derek beaulieu on Cia Rinne

abstract/concrete 4 by derek beaulieu Berlin poet Cia Rinne revels in the clinamen and the paragram, the playful moment brought about by the minimal change in typographical difference. For a Canadian readership, the paragram evokes bpNichol’s 9-volume Martyrology, most especially Book 5 (1982) as typified in “Chain 3”: puns break                  words fall apart […]...
Abstract/Concrete #3 - Natalie Czech

Abstract/Concrete #3 – Natalie Czech

I’ve written in several places about erasure texts (most recently in the latest issue of Evening will come) as typified by Jen Bervin’s nets. Berlin’s Natalie Czech creates uncanny limit-case poems that point to the end of erasure texts, each piece a seemingly impossible conjuring of texts within texts. Czech’s Je n’ai rien à dire....

Abstract/Concrete #2 — Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim

by derek beaulieu I first encountered Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim in Oslo in 2010 after brief discussions online. She had been in the audience for a series of talks by Kenneth Goldsmith the year before and their correspondence lead to Cecilie and I deciding that her work would be featured as part of the Visual Poetry...


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