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Sarah Pinder

January Sarah Pinder And then it cut, grinned and starlings burst out. I read your book on the bus. I carried it with me in my bag, lying quietly in the bits of paper and balled napkins. I kept your book because it hummed a little. It was better. I could just part the straps...

Scott Draper

Eighty-Sixed Scott Draper François Vatel, majordomo to Le Grand Condé, died infamously in 1686 (split on the notched tine of a fish fork) giving cooks and television cockneys the now-popular phrase for complete lack. Across the Kingdom of France cutlers grew broken-hearted, their eyes like whetstones. François Vatel did not die in 1686, but he...

Vincent Colistro

3 Variations on a Joke Vincent Colistro Paying only minimal attention to / As I understand / In accordance with The paradigms of the story / A priest / A rabbi / A German / Walks into a tavern and sees / is greeted by / sits down next to An enigmatic tourist who bets...


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