Arts & Literary Hits of the Week

New director on the block. Add one more woman to very short list.

Hound idol Lydia Davis on CBC’s Writer’s & Company. Catch it Sunday, or on podcast.

The New Yorker takes a long look at Richard Serra.

A new book from Woody Allen.

Another one from Ian McEwan? He lost me with Atonement. Life’s too short.

Beckett’s actors.

Philadelphia artist Zoe Strauss (to be interviewed here next week) gets reviewed by the New York Times.

Brian Jungen’s Prototypes For a New Understanding closed this week in Vancouver, but Andrea Zittle is setting up at The Vancouver Art Gallery.

Edmonton photographer takes it slow.

In a wash of very, very, very, bad author and reading photos J.W. MacDonald gives us all hope.

Translation & collaboration.

Lipstick, noise, Leslie Scalapino, an outrageous listening.

Just published: American Poetry & Poetics in the 21st Century: The New Poetics, Claudia Rankine & Lisa Sewell eds., Wesleyan, 2007. **Joshua Clover, Stacy Doris, Peter Gizzi, Kenneth Goldsmith, Myung Mi Kim, Mark Levine, Tracie Morris, Mark Nowak, D.A. Powell, Juliana Spahr, Karen Volkman, Susan Wheeler, and Kevin Young**

Griffin Prize Report: the dancing is indeed odd.

People are talking about Tomas Tranströmer.

Also about poetry. Oops, I mean Poetry.

Nice post Amy.

Tina Brown on the arrival of the digital age (or so it would seem at Book Expo):

“Giving an author’s book away for nothing on the Web as a way to market books seems a mirage to me,” Ms. Brown wrote in an e-mail message after the lunch. “All it does is feed the hungry angles of journalists and bloggers who plunder it without any of the author’s context or nuance and makes the reader feel there is nothing new to learn from the genuine article when it finally limps on its weary way to a book shop.” Although “The Diana Chronicles” will be excerpted in Vanity Fair, Ms. Brown pointed out that both the author and publisher are generally paid for such excerpts.

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