Not quite back in the province of my youth, but close. Such a different scale.
Thinking more about Jeff Wall and now this Vancouver born photographer, who graduated from Emily Carr. Karin Bubas series Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe reminds me a little too much of those 70s fashion spreads mimicking that ubiquitous photographer–soft focus, near nude–was it David Hamilton? Interesting, but no sense of the absorption found in Wall, or in Nan Goldin, or Cindy Sherman (referenced here clearly) for that matter. To the extent that the photograph may or may not suggest a narrative seems essential to its power. I’ve just made that distinction and now I’ll have to grapple with that thought for a while. Wall says he think of his images as prose poems, which is in fact, fabulous. Not in the Crewdson sense of the film still which does not, to my mind, have the same quality as a prose poem. All compression, turn, and sprung, or about to spring. Coiled in any case.

The above photograph taken with a $50 Fujipix camera, just before nightfall on Tunnel Mountain Road. Still hoping to replace my digital.

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