With apologies to Jin-Me Yoon. This image (below) from her “Souvenirs of Self,” hanging right now in the Banff Centre. “Is it your sky/mountains/land or ours too?” I love how the artist inserts herself into these iconic images and asks so many things in such a simple gesture.
Of the photograph:
Contemporary Canadian artist Jin-me Yoon (1960 – ) takes a post-colonial deconstructivist approach in Souvenirs of Self: Lake Louise (1991), a large Ektacolour – Supra photograph of a solemn-looking Korean-born artist wearing a Scandinavian sweater and brown oxfords standing in front of the traditionally cherished Canadian scene of Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier. Yoon takes on multiple personae of Asian, Asian – Canadian, woman, tourist and artist. Noting “I am interested in appropriating the genre of landscape photography to question the constructed ‘nature’ of Canadian identity”, she asks: “Imaged in the heroic setting of the Canadian Rockies, can I as a non-Western woman enjoy a ‘naturalized’ relationship to this landscape?

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