Soaking up the Green

Can’t quite get enough greens…inside or out. Wishing that, like Jeff wall, I had a large format digital and could take about 36 small images of both scenes below and knit them together. Well not small actually, the bigger the better, but each image say, of a 12 x 12 inch space. The problem with trying to technically represent all of the nuances of green here is the inability to fix an aperture on any one area. Shooting many close ups allows Wall to control all of those various squares of light and detail. Another reason why his work has such an absorptive quality.

What if how we got to a poem was suddenly only the beginning of the poem? What if, like Wall, we looked at things for longer periods of time, and then imagined the process of writing as a series of stages? What does it mean to try and represent a moment of illumination so deeply?

Also the sense of depth. And textures, the drama of the contrast and all that is happening in and out of the frame.
More on this…

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