Faceboook, Facist book

I wish I could quit you, Facebook. Yes, that’s right. I wish I could sever the ties. Completely. Except it’s becoming increasingly difficult to do that. And the reason it’s becoming increasingly difficult is that we’ve all been so good at migrating into your interface. Despite the fact that you are harvesting our data, and making it impossible to hide away from advertisers and that we have to be so diligent not to let every choice we make be broadcast to all of our friends and their friends…still, you aren’t Myspace. Will you become as annoying as Myspace, with those roll over ads and links to porn sites that nab your cursor whether you want to go there or not? Time will tell.

Okay, so I want off the Facebook band wagon but it’s tough going. Why you ask? Have I no self-discipline? Yes, I do. But it’s hard to quit. And not just in the sense that it’s nearly impossible to delete your account, I mean in the sense of conducting basic daily stuff. For instance, the #1 reason I keep having to come back to Facebook is to contact folks that I only have contact with thru Facebook. That is, I don’t have their email in my system. Increasingly Facebook has been corralling all of our personal information, our networks. All of those conversations via the Facebook messaging system? How do you think you’re going to archive those. Not going to happen. So, fair warning: all your personal, direct messages via Facebook are gone if you decide to leave.

The #2 reason? Now that we have all been so compliant about migrating our networks into Facebook we have to return to find out what’s going on. Now many events are only sent out via fbook. And what’s worse, or better, depending what side of the fence you are sitting, Facebook makes it so easy to migrate events to an online calender and for me, taking it to my hand held device for easy access. Not sure how I’ll manage that now that everyone in the Poetry world is on Facebook….

Those are just two of my beefs…here are many more thanks to Nikki Reimer and courtesy of her Facebook account. Sigh. 

Seriously. Send me your email if you want to stay in touch. I will continue to divest myself of Facebook. I want out of the evil empire. I will not be a good data miner in this way. In fact, I think one thing that a good citizen needs to be mindful of right now is in what way we are supporting online growth. We can’t keep giving things away. We can’t keep letting our infrastructures erode. In what way are we ensuring good economic and cultural developments at a local level with how we are clicking? With how we are spending our time online?

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