Poetry Magazine gets up in your face

Please read the following pieces posted recently on Poetry Foundation, one by Abe Louise Young, the other by Raymond McDaniel. These are timely pieces that prod at questions of appropriation. Here is a link to the source of McDaniel’s appropriation, and here’s a link to one of the poems (which I have added above after finding a video of the same poem). Of course there is a sense (assumption) here that it is only conceptual writing that appropriates and is thus to be blamed for pushing us into this quagmire of accountability and crisis of content/meaning…ha, I say. Lyric appropriation has been going on since poets began listening. Conceptual writing just ups the ante.

But it’s a good discussion. A necessary and timely one.

And yes, maybe we need a new movement…or a non-movement?

For the record, I never find myself asking what Henry Gould thinks. If he wants me to know, he’ll tell me.

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