Books Received

May-June 2013

Vsevolod Nekrasov, I Live I See, 2013, Ugly Duckling Presse

Cecilia Vicuna, Spit Temple, edited by Rosa Alcala, 2012, Ugly Duckling Presse

John Reibetanz, Afloat, 2013, Library ad Archives Canada Catalouing Publication

jay Ruzesky, In Antarctica : An Amundsen pilgrimage, 2013, Nightwood Editions

Mark Callanan/James Langer, The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry, 2013, Breakwater Books

Jowita Bydlowska, Drunk Mom a Memoir, 2013, Doubleday  Canada

Bill Bissett, Hungree Throat, 2013, Talonbooks

Charmaine Cadeau, Placeholder, 2013, Brick Books

Jason Christie, Unknown Actor, 2013, Insomniac Press

Roger Farr, IKMQ, 2012, New Star Books

Liz Bugg, A Calli Barnow Mystery : Yellow Vengeance, 2003, Insomniac Press

Wanda John-Kehewin, In The Dog House, 2013, Talonbooks

Mari-Lou Rowley, Unus Mundus, 2013, Anvil Pressz

klipschutz, This Drawn & Unquartered Moon, 2013, Anvil Press

Mariner Janes, The Monument Cycles, 2013, Talonbooks

Marthe Reed, (em)bodied bliss, 2013, moria books

Kate Cayley, when this world ccomes to an end, 2013, Brick Books

Anthony Bidulka, When the Saints Go Marching In, 2013, Insomniac Press

Jude Dillon, The Fractured Garden, 2013, bhouse books

Deena Kara Shaffer, The Grey Tote, 2013, Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publications

Annie McLurg, no angel, 2013, Pedlar Press

George Stanley, After Desire, 2013, New Star Books

John Terpstra, Brilliant Falls, 2013, Gaspereau Press Limited

Anthony Bidulka, Sundowner Ubuntu: A Russel Quant Mystery, 2013, Insomniac Press

Lyn Hejinian, my life and my life in the nineties, 2013, Wesleyan University Press

Annie Finch, Spells: New and Selected Poems, Wesleyan 2013

Mary Ruefle, Madness, Ruck & Honey, Wave 2012

Vanessa Place, Boycott, UDP 2013

Stephen Collis, The Red Album, BookThug 2013

Andrew F. Sullivan, All We Want Is Everything, ARP 2013

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