Jon Paul Fiorentino: The Unfriending

You did a real stupid thing there
for your career when you
unfriended me.

A real stupid thing. I’m establishing a movement.
I recently exceeded 5000 friends.
5000. Real. Friends.

Your lack of civility when it comes
to open discourse astounds me.
I can end you.

I once made a quip that amused a very important poet.
He shared it. I’m capable of such things. I’ve been in this world
for 5 years now.

I work hard. Last month, I contributed
to a very prestigious website.
They don’t take just anyone.

All I wanted to do was reach out
and establish a line of inquiry.
I establish a lot of things.

But you just cut me off. You reduced me to
nothing. Well, I got news for you. I’m even more
something than before.

My scathing review of that sacred
cow almost went viral. I know you know this.
Maybe you just forgot.

There are private threads
where you are not liked.
They are growing.

I’m a curator. You don’t cross a curator.
I’m an artist. You don’t fuck with an artist.
I’m a poet. Language is sort of my thing.

You can’t just stop my popularity.
It’s a force. You need look no further
than the 47 people who liked what I said that day.

Well, there are more days like that ahead.
I don’t know what your problem is, but you
are finished and it’s actually kind of sad.

It’s almost like you don’t care about poetry.



Jon Paul Fiorentino is the award winning author of the poetry collection Needs Improvement (Coach House Books, 2013). He lives in Montreal where he teaches creative writing at Concordia University, and edits Matrix magazine.

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