Christian Bök: Two Poems for Janieta Eyre

Two of fourteen poems from Christian Bök after images by Janieta Eyre.

01. My little piglet

The Duchess,
who suckles
the chessmen,
unbuckles her corset
to tuck
in her boy before bed.
And prim, like

a pram,
which resembles
no cradle,
but a hearse
for the heir to Mein
Führer, she can
nurse at her breast

every odd sin
that gives birth
to the butcher.
No cuckold can rebuke
her. No warlock
can refuse her.
And although

bred for the slaughter,
the child sees
in her dress the path
to his future,
rich with primroses.

04. Ghost in the Dress #3

The Phantom,
who fades,
like a rosette,
into the paisley
of a shaded leaf.

from Incarnations: the Photography of Janieta Eyre, Coach House Books 2017, edited by Suzanne Zelazo, used with permission from the press.

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