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Essays & Fragments: Tanis MacDonald on Anne Carson and the daughter’s elegy

Reading: Tanis MacDonald. “The pilgrim and the riddle: Father-daughter kinship in Anne Carson’s “The Anthropology of Water.” Canadian Literature 176 (Spring 2003): 67-81. “When is a pilgrim like a photograph? When the blend of acids and sentiment is just right.” (Anne Carson, “The Anthropology of Water” 170) One of the earmarks of a wonderful essay...
Abstract / Concrete #1: Judith Copithorne (By derek beaulieu)

Abstract / Concrete #1: Judith Copithorne (By derek beaulieu)

RUNES Discussion of concrete poetry tends to centre on male figures—personalities and practices which dominate the discourse. This domination suggests that there isn’t a preponderance of women in concrete poetry and that women the poets who are working in this subgenre must be minor or merely occasional. This is not the case. Building on my...

Essays & Fragments: Clarice Lispector

Here is what Clarice Lispector has to say about understanding and intelligibility: “The desirable thing is to be intelligent and to not understand. It is a strange blessing, like experiencing madness without being insane. Everything I do not know forms the greater part of me: This is my largesse. And with this I understand everything....

Essays & Fragments: Barbara Godard

Reading: “Excentriques, Ex-centric, Avant-Garde: Women and Modernism in the Literatures of Canada” by Barbara Godard. In 1984 Barbara Godard posited that the creation of a thorough literary history in Canada would require understanding women. Well, guess what? That still holds true. Specifically, in this article Godard calls for a rearticulation of literary history that takes...


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