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Please check our Submittable page. New calls will be posted there, and here!

If you are thinking of reviewing for Lemon Hound, we suggest that you begin by submitting two to six short takes on books or the art form of your choice (see Short Takes link below).
Guidelines for Review / Submit your Review here.

Reviews are 750-1,000 words. Reviewers are encouraged to go beyond the fast take, to not shy away from critical language, to ask difficult questions, and to offer nuanced thought about a work. A synopsis is less important than a moment or an aspect of a work contextualized by some greater apparatus. A good reader is someone who is attentive, sensitive, willing to balance judgment with objective analysis, not just a like or a dislike for a given text. Writing reviews is a skill, and we are always grateful for reviewers who are committed to thinking through a work’s difficulties.

For further insights on the task of reviewing, please visit our on reviewing page, which provides panoply examples and discussions on the task of reviewing from some of the most generous and forward thinking authors of our time.

For any further inquiries please write to our Reviews Editor (

Guidelines for Short Takes / Submit your Short Takes here. (closed)

Short Takes are mini-reviews of up to 200 words that summarize, or highlight what’s curious, noteworthy, or worth looking more closely at in a book as well as allow the writer/critic an opportunity to develop her critical voice.

Call yourself a poet? Condense your thoughts  and let one concise sentence compel your reader to pick up the book in question. You may submit up to 3 at a time…it’s a good way to get started.

Guidelines for How Poems Works / Submit your How Poem Work here.

We are soliciting columns of 800-1200 words on a single poem, or a single aspect/scene in a piece of fiction. We see these short pieces as a way of thinking about something specific about a text, or as a way of introducing a poet/poem. We are open to creative approaches, sound, visual, or textual responses.

Guidelines for Poetry and Short Fiction / Submit your Poetry and Short Fiction here.

At Lemon Hound we do read unsolicited work and we do publish from it. Check back for calls, we have ongoing open submissions. We are currently accepting POETRY You may submit 3-5 pages. And fiction up to 10 pages. We may ask you to send more. We are looking for excellent, provocative, well-crafted work.

Guidelines for Essays and Fragments / Submit your Essay and Fragments here.

We are interested in publishing whole essays or partial essays that are both canonical or classic or important works of contemporary poetry, poetics, feminism, cultural criticism, memoir, or non-fiction.



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