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Ok Go: This Too Shall Pass

A special send out to all the stressed-out academics and any others who feel beleagured in these early spring days….. This video makes me fucking happy. In another iteration, Nikki Reimer played in marching bands for 3 1/2 years and hated nearly every minute of it, but she is still tickled by Ok Go and...

Waiting on Warmth

Really would like spring to come now. Thanks.

“the way books feel in our hands” : Nikki Reimer

Or, indie girl embraces the retrograde. (a meditation on the future of the publishing industry) —- In 1991 Nikki Reimer turned to the girl beside her in math class and confessed her love for the smell of new books.

Someone Stole my Kenny Goldsmith poster

Which is probably a logical theft. If one can call it a theft. After all, the poster was on my door. The door, in a sense, is public property. It is facing out, into the corridor, and the corridor is a passing through. Granted it is still “my” door, so far as I am contracted...

Suspension, evasion, and inversion: a conversation with Ken Babstock

Now anyone reading this will immediately recognize the attendant risks, and I think it’s an old debate that won’t be resolved anytime soon; I can maybe dramatize how it has played out in my own work. Your own formulation, “if I could remove myself by half,” points toward the predicament really effectively. What I mean...

Movie Review: “The Hollywood Librarian”

http://www.hollywoodlibrarian.com/ If it’s true that dentists are the most chronically depressed professionals, there may be a strong chance that librarians are the happiest. “The Hollywood Librarian,” presents interviews from a number of librarians in a variety of fields, each giving a slightly different image of the importance and role of librarianship in the United States....

What do you want?

For the slave’s discourse, being essentially only reiterative, grinds the discourse of discourse to a halt. It is the mock in the mirror, the discourse that, like Echo herself, continuously throws back to the questioner the zero-institution question: “what do you want?” Vanessa Place

In the future comment streams will be neutral

And optimism shall reign. The Torontoist’s Book Page and Vox Populism Present: THE OPTIMISMS PROJECT: A National Poetry Month Thing -we’d like to cobble together 30 or so poets, all under the age of 30, and give them some space (100-150 words) to express, in whatever way they choose, what makes them feel optimistic about...

Who is to say? I’m so totally unhip, uncool, and apparently out to lunch

What’s missing from this discussion is experience, time, context, distance…who is to say what is making a thing, or nothing happen? Who is to say what is making meaning? Who or what will hold up? Who is to say what comfort is? Who is to say? It seems everyone is too close to the mirror...

Canada has no unseemly competition?

….all Canadian poets of merit are awarded a large annual stipend. We got universal health care; we keep our poets fed. Our top ranking poets are granted official government positions. Like Neruda, we get to be ambassadors and attaches and that sort of stuff… Seriously. I found that comment in the box after Jim Behrle’s...

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