the soul heals to saturate literature

  the first falsehood of literature is that our species with names incorporates chance as the first line of fact the soul likewise only glances the justification for parables bitter though it may appear a stance & a gauge of language  
        don’t the fates object is here
normally what is attendant upon modes of writing adopted by men crying in subjugation continuously to the self-same treasure labor situated actually inside the lecture
        in effect when one commences to write within a window of regard a middle distance emerges that the soul might heal under a frantic mouth
        night sequesters the travel couched at information vapors of honorifics that support a trove of returning hate the ceiling for what might be lit or acquired & finally acquiesced by one certain force whipping the hours with syllables
      time is a tactless command to be also the structure of home bearing hallucinatory articulations & the drone of populace adroit & tracing seen & unseen signs noise that sings down the smallness of being (like pinning the tail on the donkey)
      is being not antsy a scrambling to add or detract from the humble part of the intellect what is the humble part what is it that part might say what is its encore what dances at the sky with the hours & the purview of victory with all that is the labor of others
      signs see a force in each instance crying out (again) & blazing without more reason what is put more than defined by words what comes & places its intense source of light & the ideas that function to allow the day in the ear in the mind
O might the soul heal with a monstrous love placed by a ruse in the horrifying mind we think a brash tactlessness is contrary to us & to our time here with language
        lies drape sense & its desire for reciprocity all our infant labor over the ages overtures to the humid doors of a detonated center all that we enforce in doors of ink & inordinate sounds an indelible glass coast between laws & rights while the soul heals it enters the mirror & truth obligingly remains drunk & clotted  
ABOUT THE TEXT: "The soul heals to saturate literature" is from a collection of liberal homophonic readings & orthographical transcriptions of poems in French from the collection Pièces by Francis Ponge (1899 - 1988). They in no way reflect the precise, nearly clinical, and often wry descriptions of objects that populate Ponge’s prose poems. They are sites of textual encounter and their process entailed a listening at the threshold of the material traces of Ponge’s poems. The sounds of phonemes, the indexical traces I read, the images I found or that were called up were soundings at the depths between languages where I heard the cadence of something not my own though I was present hearing it. Jean Donnelly is the author of Anthem (Sun & Moon) selected by Charles Bernstein for the National Poetry Series and the julia set (Edge), a chapbook. Her poems have appeared recently in Verse and Boog City. She lives in Exeter, New Hampshire with her children.