Alice Burdick: Terms and Conditions


Remember your terms.
They are final. It’s good
to have a hook or teeth
to hold onto the ideas.

Reel em back with that
kite movement, brain floating
on its column. Spine shake,
snake bones through the day.

I will hold the endless count of
rooms in the real estate
of desire. Who knows where
the money leads. Compost
has a warm take on reason,
transforms it into a solid mass
to warm raccoon hindquarters.

Every day the accounts settle
themselves. No need to keep track
of the spikes shot into flesh.
My hope is more cowbell.
For life: more cowbell!


Alice Burdick lives in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. Born and raised in Toronto, she has also lived in Halifax, Espanola, Vancouver, and on the Sechelt Peninsula. In the early 1990s, she was co-editor of The Eternal Network, and assistant coordinator of the Toronto Small Press Fair. Her work has appeared in magazines including Two Serious Ladies, Dig, What!, subTerrain, This Magazine, and Who Torched Rancho Diablo? She is the author of many chapbooks and three full-length poetry collections, Simple Master (Pedlar Press, 2002), Flutter (Mansfield Press, 2008), and most recently, Holler (Mansfield Press, 2012).