BRECKEN Booze tides me. tv abides me. My tits slung astride me, I noose quiet to lie with me. My other husband’s a broom.   PROGRESSION BLUNTS EMPATHY Hush now, Mama, don’t say a word. Daughter’s gonna drink until you’re cured.   SYMPTOMS INCLUDE DISINHIBITION In lusting after their son, Sandy remembers her husband, young.   LIFE'S A CYCLE OF HAIRSTYLES Husband leaves me. I swill another. Sandy cleaves me. You only get one mother. Best friends’ babies amass like cloud cover. Why wasn’t Mommy a better lover?   SONY DSCBrecken Hancock's poetry, essays, interviews and reviews have appeared in EVENT, CV2, Grain, The Fiddlehead and Studies in Canadian Literature. She is Reviews Editor for Arc Poetry Magazine and Interviews Editor for Canadian Women in the Literary Arts. She lives in Ottawa.