Jennifer Zilm

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  1. Histoire du livre


Everyone you’ve ever known seems a monotheist,

eyes entranced by this dynamic book.

And you,

I have no way of knowing the moment


you enter into the presence
of my pixelated freckles.


Just how much of this conversation

is palimpsest, cut and paste?


How do I read

your pauses? If you

juxtapose a link into our chat


and my clicking fingers open music

how can I be certain you are

singing to me?


  1. LinkedIn: EMDR


Oh my, it’s too obvious to be stated, isn’t it?

Anti-social media.
Everyone on the bus skirting Hastings

tilts heads downward towards some hand-held light

all ears plugged by bits of black plastic. But you unplugged

still notice no one, only that the snow changes shape here,

refuses to be named. Rain too solid, sleet too wet,

you barely glimpse the neo-gothic legacy

of Andrew Carnegie, the public library, the Rx street market:

you try to remember where you heard that zopiclone=imovane

if heroin is both soft and down.


At the crossroads of the #4, the drivers switch places,

and the passenger beside you demands your pause

for his question, black and metal teeth,

breath of tobacco, Listerine, laughing when you insist

you don’t understand his 20th century Mandarin.


You focus on your destination. West side, a windowless office

to change your core beliefs with alternating pulses of sound.

Where you feel the trauma up from your stomach, twitter

of an antique memory, linked in to 1990s foam headphones,


she-MSW, RCC, carved Haida silver earrings-offering only

her heyschastic whisper

good, good…


Praising you for holding still on a floral coach,

with your eyes closed,

Some of Jennifer Zilm’s poems can be found in Prism, The Antigonish Review, CV2 , Arc, and Vallum. She is the author of the chapbook The Whole and Broken Yellows (Frog Hollow Press, 2013). Her first full-length collection is called Waiting Room and will be published by BookThug in Spring 2016.  She has an abiding interest in the Bible.

Author: D Zomp