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David Antin: A List of the Delusions of the Insane

David Antin A List of the Delusions of the Insane: What They Are Afraid Of The list reproduced here from David Antin’s Code of Flag Behavior (Los Angeles: Black Sparrow, 1969) is an expansion of the catalog originally compiled by Thomas Smith Clouston of “actual examples of delusions of about 100 female melancholic patients” (“and...
Longlist for Lemon Hound's first Poetry Prize

Longlist for Lemon Hound’s first Poetry Prize

After more deliberation than we thought humanly possible we have a long list and will shortly announce the short list for the first Lemon Hound Prize for Poetry judged by the amazing Rae Armantrout. I am publishing this list with a good deal of excitement at the range and general fantasticness of the poems and...
Peter Gizzi: In Defense of Nothing: Selected Poems, 1987–2011

Peter Gizzi: In Defense of Nothing: Selected Poems, 1987–2011

– from the book: So the bird’s in the hand and now what? The penny shiny in the dark belly of mr. piggy. The day dawns and dawns and may be in trouble of actually going anywhere. Trees migrate secretly up- ward. They might be saying all we need to be here if we would...
Vol. 7 Contents

Vol. 7 Contents

Get cozy Lemon Hounders, this issue is brimming with FABULOUS content: including an interview with David O’Meara, poetry by Lisa Cattrone, an excerpt from Shelagh Plunkett’s memoir, as well as critical writing on Margaret Christakos, Marianne Boruch and Masha Tupitsyn. And so much MORE!!! Also stay tuned: we’ll be adding tones of HOT new content...
Gary Barwin: The Hand

Gary Barwin: The Hand

Books Received

May-June 2013 Vsevolod Nekrasov, I Live I See, 2013, Ugly Duckling Presse Cecilia Vicuna, Spit Temple, edited by Rosa Alcala, 2012, Ugly Duckling Presse John Reibetanz, Afloat, 2013, Library ad Archives Canada Catalouing Publication jay Ruzesky, In Antarctica : An Amundsen pilgrimage, 2013, Nightwood Editions Mark Callanan/James Langer, The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry, 2013, Breakwater Books Jowita Bydlowska, Drunk Mom a Memoir, 2013, Doubleday  Canada Bill Bissett, Hungree...
A Guy on the Rack, Falling in Love: An Anti-Interview with Jim Smith

A Guy on the Rack, Falling in Love: An Anti-Interview with Jim Smith

JIM SMITH’s many books include the recent Back Off, Assassin! New and Selected Poems (Mansfield Press, 2009) and Happy Birthday, Nicanor Parra (Mansfield Press, 2012). His magazine, The Front, lasted from about 1972 to 1980, and the spinoff Front Press published books and pamphlets in the ’80s by writers like David McFadden, bpNichol, Wayne Clifford and Stuart Ross. Between 1979 and...

Between Page & Screen

You’ve never seen any book like this. I promise. The extremely talented Amaranth Borsuk has really re-imagined the book here. Follow her on Twitter. ‏@amaranthborsuk  
Laura Broadbent reads Erin Moure

Laura Broadbent reads Erin Moure

  Document 29 (French thinking)  from O Cidadan     To enable a language (returning) is also to allow intrusions, and to enable intrusions or their possibility as part of the cultural order. An overlap (micro) into a zone. Sometimes only the “overlap” makes borders of a zone visible. (A horse that is also red,...
Not Otherwise Specified: Enter Before September 30th

Not Otherwise Specified: Enter Before September 30th

Let me be the judge of that. You should enter this contest because I’m harsh and Les Figues rocks. We are now accepting submissions for the Second Annual Les Figues NOS Book Contest. All entrants receive a TrenchArt Series title of choice. Deadline: September 15, 2012. 2012 Les Figues Press NOS Book Contest— (NOS = not...

And rarely was heard, an encouraging word, still the women don’t go away

Is this still the case? I don’t think so, but I love this cover. 

Prince performs his original poetry

The Allen Ginsberg Project: Mind, Mouth and Page (Gertrude Stein)

AG: Yeah, I think we were talking about that at the end of the last sitting here, when somebody asked me – since Williams, what was done, since Williams, what has been accomplished in poetics? – or, what new thing has been added? – and I was talking about the practice of some poets working...

We Want Reviews: Introducing Laura Broadbent & Call For Work

“The great review is one that approaches the corpus curiously and dissectively, determining if it works and what makes it tick.” -Vanessa Place Who wants a dull review? A good reviewer is a skilled host: ensure your guests’ enjoyment, present the fare slowly, artfully, and with flourish so it speaks for itself. Make your guests...

If it walks like apocalypse: Dennis Lee’s Testament

This morning I awoke to some heavy rhymes. I caught only the last two lines: And we plan about snacks and not washing our hands/ And the letter J. and he understands. The he, in this instance, is a worm: my partner was reading Dennis Lee’s Garbage Delight to our 8 month-old twins. I did not grow up...

2012: Lemon Hound Anoints HorseE

Stolid Lemon Hound in praise of the radical HorseE.BY lemon Hound If I were driven to name one individual who, in the English language, by means of his own examples of creative art in poetry, has done most of living men to incite new impulses in poetry, the chances are I would name HorseE. This statement...

Feminist Boot Camp #94: Think Before You Write

Believe in content. Behave like you invented it. Surface is surface. Your emotion is not interesting in and of itself. The shape of feeling is a useful outpouring. What is a vessel but a line with wheels? The letters piled up and the men began talking. No one could agree who came first. There was...

Feminist Boot Camp #71: Know When To Leave

No, your Daddy doesn’t want you to move on.

Feminist Boot Camp #77: Stick With Your Sisters

Particularly if they can rock out and change rhythms on a dime…

Feminist Boot Camp #7

One of the dirty little secrets about the whole women complaining about lack of representation in the book reviewing business is the fact that many women won’t review. Why won’t they? The generous response I give often has to do with a fear of confrontation, a fear of mastery, an unwillingness to take a fixed...

Feminist Boot Camp #39

Lisa Robertson signs books at Pages, Calgary You are not alone. You need not limit your poetry to the kitchen, or the bedroom, or the garden, or the relational, or to the singular, or to the daily. Look around you. Look outside of your life. Look next door. Look in your books. These are not...

UB40 – Food for Thought (1980)

Quebec Students Reminding Canada of the Possibility of Canada

The Charest government should have learned from Gilles Duceppe. I live in his riding. I saw him several times during his last election, slipping in and out of his car, looking very smug indeed. Not a bad man, Duceppe, but a man who had become completely out of touch with his riding, with the moment…...

Massive Support

Hoping the student movement will take this massive burst of support and find ways of protesting that aren’t going to fall into a trap.

Under Rich Earth

Thinking of this in relation to all the Occupy movements…and in particular the northern pipeline opponents. Wish this was screened in every town along the Skeena.

DONNA SUMMER – I feel love (1977) HD and HQ

Ah, the late 70s…not a better time, or more simple, but I did have time to wear down a few LPs. Donna Summer’s double album was one.

How about a little applause?

For the bloggers out there in Canada who keep posting, often to a very limited audience…who are sometimes the only ones to pay attention to a book that falls through the formidable mainstream cracks. These are blogs that focus on content. Not comment. They are about the books, fancy that, not the posturing in the...

Eruption – I Can’t Stand The Rain (1978)

For your pleasure, and because I long to give a reading in any one of these outfits, which proves you can take a girl out of the 70s but…

When the Hound met Ms. Place

A little bell rang in the center of her mind. It is the only time such a bell has rung. Another one of Darboven’s maxims: “I write with numbers, I count with words.” What do numbers write? Dates, yes, but dates as equations, as representations broken down into other signs, other representations. What do words...

Marina Abramović: An Artist’s Life Manifesto | MOCA Gala 2011

Abrovomic 101. Happy Mother’s Day to all the artists who chose their Art. Complicated little decision.

Mots du plateau

Conversation Vito /David Byrne

I do not possess that limitless brain that she has…

My new favourite thing is women appreciating other women. I would like to see women discuss other women with half of the enthusiasm my male peers exhibit discussing their male peers…even if they aren’t, as above, incredibly articulate.

Yoko Ono – Cut Piece 1965 – Music Yoko Ono Darkness Georgia Stone.avi

Sur les ombré

John Cage about silence



Christian Bok’s lego art poem book online

ten maps of sardonic wit atoms in space now drift on a swift and epic storm soft wind can stir a poem  snow fits an optic dream into a scant prism of dew  words spin a faint comet some words in fact paint two stars of an epic mind manic words spit on fate The...

Faith, hope, praise become the dead weight of the lyric..

I wish that Nilling had arrived prior to the first draft of my Lyric Conceptualism manifesto because there are many lines, many thoughts that complicate and extend the ideas gathering there. She is a model lyric conceptualist. An appreciation of reading. Not an appreciation of reception, but a reveling in process. An awareness and acknowledgement...

Wee visit, Toronto

Heading over to my favourite bookstore in a few minutes. Always a risky proposition…hard on my pocket book, good for the soul. Then The AGO to see the Iain Baxter.

Book Reviews: A Tortured History – The Atlantic

In general, John Updike favored the nice-guy approach to book reviewing, one that favored and coddled the author and limited the reviewer. He had a set of standards—his “rules” of reviewing—that clearly arose out of his experiences as an oft-reviewed author. They go something like this: 1) don’t review books you have any personal connection...

If it walks like apocalypse: Dennis Lee’s testament : Sina Queyras : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

I still think artists are having much more success tackling environmental issues than poets are. Non-fiction writers too for that matter: David Abram, Bill McKibben, here at home Charlotte Gill perhaps. Or, as Darren Wershler Tweeted recently, quoting Lisa Gitelman, ”there is no Shakespeare of climatology”: only premodern science has authors in that sense #networkarchaeology. Interesting.Here’s an excerpt from...

Conceptual Poetry Carries the Weight of Contemporary Poetry

The Soft Grid: A Response to Sina Queyras’s Lyric Conceptualist Manifesto : Kenneth Goldsmith : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

The conversation over at Harriet is getting quite interesting. Queyras’s manifesto primarily hinges upon one sentence: “The Lyric Conceptualist is not necessarily a feminine body, but it has the stink of the impure, a certain irreverence for the master, therefore it is by default, feminine in construction.” Accordingly, second-generation minimalism in the visual arts—also known...

365 Ruined Sonnets: Notes & Conversation with Stephen Collis

My second Harriet post of the month. In a statement attached to the “365 Sonnets I Destroyed” Collis says the idea came while he was between projects and wanted to try a daily practice. “The idea of sheer, un-productive practice attracted me–the idea of writing and destroying what you’d written, just to ‘get better,’ the...

Ode to Poetry – Sharon Olds and Ghostface Killa

Happy feet

In which Hemingway does Hemingway without knowing he is doing Hemingway

It came to me in a haze…. or how not to describe your book before you begin a reading…Though the modulation is kind of nice “Enjoying the action of THE PIGEONS!” Oh, and then there’s this:

Montreal Review of Books

Takes a look at Autobiography of Childhood.