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Lise Downe's "This Way"

Lise Downe’s “This Way”

An old wooden sign points both left and right – on it written ‘THIS WAY.’ The cover of Lise Downe’s most recent book is cleverly a sign, both literally [a signpost] and figuratively [semiotics], a symbol for language poetry, that is, a poetry that resists any definitive meaning. Working as both clue and caution, THIS...
Two from Derek Beaulieu's "No Press"

Two from Derek Beaulieu’s “No Press”

If you aren’t aware, Derek Beaulieu is a prolific artist who is extremely active within multiple art communities. No surprise then that his newest chapbook imprint No Press is just pumping out the jewels. What really makes No Press special is that Beaulieu curates work from big names and less big names he thinks [and...
Laura Broadbent reads Erin Moure

Laura Broadbent reads Erin Moure

  Document 29 (French thinking)  from O Cidadan     To enable a language (returning) is also to allow intrusions, and to enable intrusions or their possibility as part of the cultural order. An overlap (micro) into a zone. Sometimes only the “overlap” makes borders of a zone visible. (A horse that is also red,...


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