Helen Hajnoczky: five poems

Helen Hajnoczky, from Bloom and Martyr



If you were mine lash and strawberry. If bound and frail, take charge of me. My caveat, your excavation, tender crumpled my blunder your shoulder my shorn or hollow. If you were mine nectarine and cherish. If you were mine what stings. Tell me brittle, slate and layered, touch me there.


Cinched and knotted your welling, welling up. Stasis I trace your spine, tell me I am tell me down or dappled and sugar swallow, tell me I am ripened always ripening, tell me I am sweet.


Glisten, my plum my causal, seared down to nausea call me anything you like. Sundry you liken like a bit lip, lobed and salted, drawn and tactile, I could make you smile. Grown orchard and rosehip my petals, your knuckles forged or spring and frozen I am melting my sweet your sweet thumbs the frost is biting.


Come now, furled now travel case and lily, semi or my stomach bracket snow and sprouting. If I forage if I fold and pollen if I should I should or fumble, tell me if my lip my crisp my zipper silk or swollen you swell like dust like pollen. Touch me my sign my omen, your bloom and nightshade, my lovely rhododendron, my lovely silk and rotten.


Your blush, my chrysanthemum, your winter frost, dahlia and molten, my shoulder blades, raspberry and tarnish, your breath, bloom and hemlock, your frost, your flush, cold blossom, my mouth.


Hajnoczky Author PhotoHelen Hajnoczky’s most recent work can be found in filling Station issue 59, in forthcoming issues of Rampike and Poetry is Dead magazines, and in the anthologies Why Poetry Sucks (Insomniac Press, 2014) and Ground Rules 2003-2013 (Chaudiere Books, 2013). Her most recent chapbooks are The Double Bind Dictionary from above/ground press, and Cover Letter from No Press. Her book Poets and Killers: A Life in Advertising is available from Invisible Publishing. Helen blogs http://ateacozyisasometimes.blogspot.ca/ and tweets @helenhajnoczky.