The New Vancouver Poets

Vancouver is a transient space. The common joke is that you never have a friend who was actually born and raised in Vancouver. With that in mind we created this folio as a snapshot of new poets who, for right now, call Vancouver home. Our call for submissions had a significant response, and this folio could have been double in size, and based on the amount of exciting new poets creating new work, could constantly change.

Both editors decided that we would only choose poems in agreement. That we agreed so often makes the Vancouver poetry community’s present and future look bright. In this folio you will find work ranging in styles and form, as diverse as the poets themselves. Poetry that moves quickly and slowly, ever-changing and reshaping, reflecting the physical landscape of Vancouver today. We hope you enjoy!

Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli

In no particular order, the contributors of the New Vancouver Poets Folio of Lemonhound, in partnership with Poetry Is Dead:

Cail Judy
Jillian Christmas
Megan Jones
Andrew McEwan
Alex Leslie
Shazia Hafiz Ramjii
Mariner Janes
andrea bennett
Kayla Czaga
Nav Nagra
Sugar le Fae
Kevin Spenst
Raoul Fernandes
Leah Horlick
Rob Taylor
Eli Zibin
Chris Gilpin
mia susan amir
Leanne Dunic
Emily Chou
Adrienne Gruber
Elee Kraljii Gardiner
Geoffrey Nilson
Elena Johnson
Jennifer Zilm

Author: D Zomp