Insomniac Press rocks

Ever imaginative Insomniac Press has come up with a great idea: publish the blog musings of Canadian rock stars. They’re starting first with Jan Arden and following up next year with Trooper. This according to the Globe & Mail. How cool is that? I’m in for the Trooper book, but a little wary after hearing BTOs Randy Bachman discussing driving songs on the CBC. Hmm, his guest mused, what about driving songs for women? Is there a driving song for women, Bachman laughed, I don’t think so. Ouch, a sharp reminder of what it was like growing up under the influence of those guys, and how great it was to have someone like Chrissie Hynde show up and kick some boy ass.

Still, you have to love those 70s boy bands for their kitchy and grandiose orchestrations, their repetitive lyrics, and all that HAIR. Here’s a sample of Trooper circa 1978. Now if I could only lay my hands on my high school year book which in fact was signed by all the members of the band.