Strangest Present

Hidamari no tami arrived today from a friend in San Fransisco. After much pensive interaction with this objet, I began to feel a little like King Kong poking at Fay Wray, or Anne Darrow, or… Yes, poking at the little fat body with the bobbing head and other tiny heads clutching plastic ginko leaves made me even more empathetic. What is it? Why is it not entertaining me?

Because my Japanese is non-existant I finally had to resort to the net, which quickly enlightened me of course. What I had in my hands was yet another toy geared toward “stress relief”. The Hidamari no tami doll (already collectable in that ebay way) doubles as a name card holder (in case you forget who you are after staring dumbly into the nodding head). It is “illuminated by sunlight and provides a comforting motion that is sure to relieve the stresses of your daily life.” It is very sweet. And I’m learning to accept gifts more graciously. I’m pleased to add it to the collection on my desk.

The problem with creating a wishlist on amazon is that you have to tell people about it! But there is a box sitting at the front door right now, so you see, perhaps my kick ass list-making has paid off. Say what you want about, the wish list is a beautiful thing.