Recently received

Ammiel Alcalay, Scrapmetal, Factory School 2007
James Langer, Gun Dogs, Toronto, Anansi 2009
Karen Solie, Pigeon, Toronto, Anansi 2009
Meredith Quartermain, Nightmarker,
Gary Sullivan, How To Proceed in the Arts, Cambridge, Faux Press 2001
Nazim Hikmet, R. Blasing & Mutlu Konuk (trans) Poems of Nazim Hikmet, New York, Persea 2009
Nazim Hikmet, R. Blasing & Mutlu Konuk (trans) Human Landscapes from My Country, New York, Persea 2009

Chris Piuma, Exercises in Penmanship, nine muses, 2006
Ken Belford, Lan(d)guage, off-set house, Prince George, 2008
Gary Barwin, Punctuation Funnies, 2008; Inverting the Deer, 2008; Serif of Nottingham, Hamilton
Gary Barwin with Gregory Betts, Chora Sea, The Emergency Response Unit, Toronto 2009

Marlatt/Minden/Hallett, Like Light Off Water, Otter Bay Productions 2008
Mavis Gallant, Montreal Stories, Rattling Books 2006

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