Synapse: Guillaume Morrissette

the last time I saw you I was so angry at
the most unnegotiable parts of yourself
that I thought “black hole lobbed around twice‟.
my thoughts were distorted, this is how angry I was.
it felt like I meant the anger and was afraid to lose the anger.
now I miss the anger.

my body was a liquor cabinet
the night you said “when are we going to be boyfriend-and-girlfriend‟.
I said “I don‟t know, when do you want‟ while shrugging my shoulders,
and you said, “now‟ so I said “let‟s make out‟,
which was romantic in a true-to-self sort of way.


guillaume morissette is a creative writing major. His work has appeared in Lickety Split and he’s currently working a short story collection. He runs a free outdoor cinema during the summer and writes sad emails during the winter.
Originally posted on Synapse.

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