Lemon Hound Turns One: A Prose & Narrative Folio

Bark, Bark! Lemon Hound turns one!

For our one-year anniversary we offer you a special Prose & Narrative folio. We do so to affirm our commitment to engaging in a wide swath of contemporary literature and signal our intention to publish the best, most exciting new voices. Our first ever folio includes excerpts from several books (en français comme en anglais), short stories, interviews and essays from very new to very established international writers. We recommit to creating a platform where we can begin to think through the history of prose writing, its new forms, its different backgrounds, just as we are committed to poetry, reviews, and the essay.

We want the best and most diverse. What this also implies is an investigation into the sometimes difficult negotiations that shape contemporary prose practices by asking: what makes these texts contemporaneous? What can we retrieve from their vacillating differences? From their similarities? And perhaps more to the point: what are these texts struggling with? Where are those moments that erupt from the work and that teeter on the brinks of failure, only to then succeed in redefining the very limits that had once contained them? I stress the idea of failure, not because the works themselves are failed art, we wouldn’t showcase them here if we didn’t believe in the integrity of the work and the value of what they advance, but rather because many of the pieces in this volume critique and struggle with the very concept of wholeness and perfection, and as you will soon find out many of these texts are literally bursting at the seams.

So, welcome prose and narrative in equal weight to poetry and essay with this volume. Welcome our latest contributing editors, Josip Novakovich, Madeleine Thien and Evie Shockley. Welcome Michelle Furlong and Zoe Sharpe to our editorial team. Thank you to intern Bukem Reitmeyer and Graduate Assistant Alison Robins for help on this issue.

Enjoy the folio. Enjoy Volume 6 in its entirety. It is our commitment to staying relevant, to seeing literature as organic and local, mechanistic and ludic, international and in translations, conceptual and classic, staring us straight in the eyes and kicking dirt in our face, as diverse and complicated as the host of hands that helps make Lemon Hound happen over and over again. We thank all of you–those who have submitted, supported, posted, liked our Facebook, RTed our Tweets, clicked on our site, even sent us nasty emails–you’re all part of the fabric and we wag our tails for you! We have a total of 60 posts coming your way, starting with prose.

Sina & Geneviève


Essay on Translation by Geneviève Robichaud

Adania Shibili: Butterflies and Helicopters

France Daigle: Pour sûr

Robert Majzels: For Sure 

Daniel Canty: Wigrum

Oana Avasilichioaei: Wigrum

Maureen Latta: Moon Boy

Catherine Bush: Accusation

Rachel Careau: Four Fictions

Lydia Davis: Willem Maris, A Story

Alex Leslie: Stories Like Birds

Joel Katelnikoff: Girl, Gun, Zigzag

Etgar Keret: Cramps 

A.L. Snijders: Container, Trans. Lydia Davis

Caitlin Scarano: With the Head of a Bear



Pierre Dumayet & Michèle Bernstein (EN Transcription)

Pierre Dumayet & Michèle Bernstein (FR Transcription)

Catherine Leclerc & Robert Majzels

Leesa Dean & Catherine Bush