Peter Gizzi: In Defense of Nothing: Selected Poems, 1987–2011

-- from the book:

So the bird’s in the hand and now what? The penny shiny in the dark belly of mr. piggy. The day dawns and dawns and may be in trouble of actually going anywhere. Trees migrate secretly up- ward. They might be saying all we need to be here if we would only stop talking and listen up. I love you, said the wood. One sonic color into the egregious public air. Start from nothing and be- long to it. The signal and its noise -itsy, -ancy, -oid. So many strangers alive in a larynx. So much depends on X so much more on the book in your hand. Start from nothing and let the sound reach you.

from “The Outernationale”

IMG_4830Lemon Hound is recommending Gizzi's Selected Poems as our book of the week. Fans will be happy with the heft and minimal power of the book from design to selection. Those of us who have been on the fence will be rewarded for our patience.