Longlist for Lemon Hound’s first Poetry Prize

After more deliberation than we thought humanly possible we have a long list and will shortly announce the short list for the first Lemon Hound Prize for Poetry judged by the amazing Rae Armantrout. I am publishing this list with a good deal of excitement at the range and general fantasticness of the poems and poets involved. Shortlist to come the first week of April. This is the long list, and it is alphabetized.

Alex Porco, “The Minutes XIX”

Alice Burdick, “Terms and Conditions”

Claudia Radmore, “argle bagle eructation”

Divya Victor, “Color: A Sequence of Unbearable Happenings

Geoffrey Morrison, “Lungfish”

Leanne Dunic, “Botanic Lust”

Matthew Tierney, “Radio Call-In-No-Show”

Melanie Siebert, “Thereafter”

Rebecca Olander, “Return to the Great Meadows”

Robin Richardson, “A Hedgehog In The Kitchen Keeps The Cockroaches At Bay”

Sheryda Warrener, “We Bought A Little City”

Tom Hardy, “Valve”

Trish Salah, “Eulalia for Mother Night”