Alessandro Porco: The Minutes XIX

The Minutes: XIX

Let’s begin:
research indicates
it’s never too soon for
the “new” boom cuz
if you can suck it then you can sell it: zumba house flip villanelle festival sex tape fatback
dust jacket glitter cream—
virtue requires a certain ease
or lease.
If you can suck it,
yes, then you can endow it with
a Universality
that makes room for
what are today called “experts.”
The administration fee
is waved, which is not to say
you’re free
to not pay: oversight, out of mind, I feel pretty
by Law.
If you can suck it,
then you can kiss it
like, for example, in 1859,
that visitor to N’Orleans
who carked to city officials
about the audible mottle
(“unearthly smacks,” according to the Times-Picayune)
of doodle-lipped mouths canoodlin’
on his New England ears’
You know dick
the sprite that haunts us
(there is something
in the air)
you know the
dick deceives our rash desire:
so, if you can suck it
& swallow it
then it’s not porn—
it’s life.
Meeting adjourned.



SONY DSCAlex Porco is an Assistant Professor of English specializing in twentieth-century poetry and poetics. A selection from THE MINUTES was published in chapbook form by BookThug in 2010; and in 2012, Jay MillAr designed a special edition broadside of section XXVII. He lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.