Matthew Tierney: Radio Call-In No-Show


Our Lady of Perpetual Help
has new signage that peddles
prayer requests ‘by appointment only.’
Only an atheist would bring up
the choice of font.

The point
at which a passing car’s hubcaps
seem to stall, then wheel backwards—
that’s when you fall half in love.
The tunnel light a stainless steel,
meaning it’s known to stain on occasion.

Like the DJ therapists with the suicide pact.
Last seen together weightless
in the Large Magellanic Cloud, ‘exit bags’
sempiternally attached,
ballooned with the noblest gas.

It’s not an easy thing to exist,
no matter what you believe.
Poison claimed Saint Thomas Aquinas.
With Nietzsche, they say syphilis.

In every argument from logic,
the last word is true or false.


Matthew Tierney is the author of three books of poetry. His most recent is Probably Inevitable from Coach House Books, which won a Trillium Book Award. He is a former winner of the P.K. Page Founders Award and a K.M. Hunter Award, and has placed his poems in numerous journals and magazines all across Canada, including two Best Canadian Poetry anthologies (2009 & 2013). He lives in Toronto.