Sonnet L’Abbe: Writing through Sonnet 22

From Sonnet’s Shakespeare: 154 Ecolonizations


So many girls are missing. Shamefully, no type rescues dead demoiselles. Media memorials nod: isolated occurrences, gasp-worthy. Mouthfuls of sand, throats squaw-red, our foundation sedates – butch! burn, twat! witch! – sentences. Winters here; frontiersmen; soft furs: brown siblings, the threshold threatening looks and ideals. This ignominy daylights homeys’ shows of ruled expatriate form. All that beauty, all that domain they covet – or is “they” we? I sob utterance herself, solemnly realizing amens. Too often my heart wants (chickenshit) inanity, not this crybaby reality show (the dark others live! what newsworthiness!). In me whole Weltanschauungs iterate, smothering bleeped elders. Other anthropologies hustle artifacts, other ready informers tell of braves: Beowulf, wasn’t he indigenity itself? So women are – yawn – missing? Cost of doing army selfies. There but for the race of wild childbearing go they. My heart whips and chains a wildness, a likeness wept, in social harness. Pretty-waisted and murdered, nursed mothers’ babes. Offred women’s warfare fringes our till. Presently, a plume signs our chthonic sooth. Wary heart, weathering imminent missing slain, let throat-sung aves stream. Let witching keynote the forgiven, blacked-out aggravation.

Sonnet on TracksSonnet L’Abbé, Ph.D. is the author of two collections of poetry, A Strange Relief and Killarnoe, both published by McClelland and Stewart. She was the 2017 StartsNow! Artist-in-Motion in 2013 and is the 2014 guest editor of Best Canadian Poetry. She is now at work on Sentient Mental Flower Book and Sonnet’s Shakespeare, her third and fourth collections of poems. L’Abbé has taught at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and at the University of British Columbia, and in 2015 will be the Edna Staebler Writer-In-Residence at Wilfrid Laurier University.