Bardia Sinaee

The End of Men
Bardia Sinaee

It is so hard for some men to be men
and be humans also, to be men without treading
on other men, as if not all men can be men.
A man needs a man like a fish needs a hook,

for how else will a man know he is man enough?
Next to some men, this man is a fly on a sill.
This man is an island adrift in a man-made sea,
but a man without a plan is not a joke.

For instance: a man walks in on two men
And never speaks to them again.
When headlines proclaim THE END OF MEN,
this man, for one, is elated. Because man

is an impossible experiment. Because the ideal
man, who would be all things to all men—
limp-wristed men, ladies’ men, men of letters,
men of God—is a man at odds with himself.


Bardia Sinaee lives in Toronto. He has a chapbook forthcoming from Anstruther Press in fall 2015.