Matthew Legall



song bird singed





Says he car gone. Says he used to be one second ago. Can you believe this is an outrage says he can’t go home? What kind of a planet tells him where this is enabled? Where an adult male cannot even explain him winking with both eyes after work at the same time? Wants his to know why the school and the society, or the food which thinks he’s being given to the kids this day. Repeats us his hair pulling in your eyes. That there is his very done straw cries he. It’s a stick they use all their time. We are not surprised with the mouths pushing liquid into talk. Moreover, not yet sure why or which god keeps leaking.




Matthew Legall is none of your business. Why are you reading a bio anyway? What could this section of text possibly do except mystify what would otherwise be apparent? If a Matthew was a Matilda, would you feel differently about her? Then shame on you. Shame on all of you.