Thanks & So Long

These last few months have been difficult, knowing that Lemon Hound would be ending, not quite believing it. I’ve been torn between wanting–as has been my feeling from the beginning–to save this as a space for women and diverse voices–and wanting my life back; between knowing that we need to provide more opportunities for writers both in and out of creative writing programs to build their editorial, critical and curatorial skills and again, wanting to get back to my own work; between wanting to transition this space into a course so students could get credit for their work, and be guided in gaining editorial experience, but not wanting to spend even more of my time trying to secure either institutional support or external funding.

It has been frustrating. But ultimately I could not allow the site to go on fueled by free labour, no matter how many hours young writers are willing to give away, and no matter how strongly I believe in the basic premise. Nor could I support and foster the kind of critical and intellectual writing I wanted to post going forward, not without paying authors. I could not build, and I did not want to coast either.

My partner, who has paid dearly for the presence of this blog and magazine in our lives, doesn’t believe it’s over. She knows that I can’t stop myself from sharing, and that has been what Lemon Hound has done best, I think, share, generally with enthusiasm, the work that has come across my desk, and the desks of those who have been involved.

No one will argue with a woman willing to produce good work for nothing Tanis MacDonald wisely noted. No one wants her to stop. Few expect her to stop. Womens’ labour fuels the world does it not?

But I will, stop. And to be clear, this is not a break, it’s the end. There are many other reasons for this site to come to an end, but I’ll save those for another day. For now, I want to remark on the enormous body of material accumulated here, for which I am extremely grateful. Lemon Hound has touched the lives of, and had the great benefit of intersecting with an unbelievable number of creative powerhouses. It has grown from tentative posts to several poems being included in the Best Canadian last year, as well as a Nomination for a Pushcart. I am eternally grateful to all those who have had a hand. However small. I am grateful to those who donated, and subscribed. Also, please check out the posts from these past few weeks–the Winnipeg folio, the Northern BC folio–both amazing. As well we’ve posted Bhanu Kapil, Barbar Mor, Bruce Whiteman, George Murray, an interview with Shane Book and more. The archives will remain for the time being.

There are many to thank, starting with my partner, who has endured the ongoing distraction and disruption. The amazing force of Geneviève Robichaud, who took the position of reviews editor and made it mean something. Thanks to Melissa Bull, Laura Broadbent, Emma Healey, Alex Leslie, Ben Hynes, Alex Porco, Elisa Gabbert, Erin Wunker, Heather Cromarty, Stephen W. Beattie, Tracie Morris, Lisa Robertson, Vanessa Place, Daniel Zomparelli, Adam Sol, Candice Maddy, Wanda O’Connor, Helen Guri, Laura Broadbent, Melissa Bull, Alex Porco, Eric Schmaltz, Tanis MacDonald, Jacob Wren, Aimee Wall, Jonathan Ball, Michael Nardone, Nikki Reimer, Helen Hajnoczky, Michael Turner, Nick Thran, Gary Barwin, Jeff Thompson, Eric Schmaltz, Sue Sinclair Bukem Reitmeyer and many others…especially my students, Alex Custodio and Jake Byrne for these final months.

Thanks to our contributing editors over the years: Christian Bök, Kevin Connolly, Anne Fleming, Josip Novakovich, Evie Shockley, Stephanie Bolster, Darren Wershler, Zoe Whittall, Vanessa Place, derek beaulieu, Madeline Thien, Danielle Bobker, Ken Babstock.

Thanks to Don Share and Poetry Foundation, thanks to all the presses who sent us review copies. Thanks to the Volta, Masionneuve, Quill & Quire. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Here’s to future endeavours. Yours and mine. But first, it’s off-leash time.  

22 Replies to “Thanks & So Long”

  1. Lemonhound is wonderful. I am very sorry to hear of this, but I think your decision is a correct one.

  2. You’ve been a force and an inspiration. Thank you for all you’ve done here and warm wishes for all the future holds.

  3. Thank you Sina et al for EVERYTHING you’ve done for this extraordinary literary/arts community. You’ve been a great inspiration to many, including moi. What’s the sound of countless hearts breaking? A world bereft of Lemon Hound’s barking.

  4. p.s. All the best in your future endeavours, and enjoy your off-leash time.

  5. There’s a hole in the heart of our poetry now. Thanks for all of your work and good stewardship, Sina. Best wishes going forward.

  6. I’m extremely glad that this remarkable accumulation (Lemon Hound) remains here to be accessed, enjoyed, and argued about, and can continue to be a source of inspiration and a model for an engaged, vital, and energetic space for diverse voices, new voices, dissenting voices, or voices with something compelling to say. My great thanks, too, to the (up till now!) indefatigable guiding force behind it all, Sina Queyras. Maybe it was a labour of love, but it was an immense amount of labour. My immense gratitude for having released the hound in the first place, your dogged work, and my best wishes for flea-free freedom.

  7. Thanks for the time and care you put into Lemon Hound. I know I discovered some great new poetry here, by friends and strangers alike. Here’s to the creativity the extra time will bring you and thank you again!

  8. All the best for your future projects. Lemon Hound has been great. Thanks
    Pam Brown,
    Sydney Australia

  9. Thank you so much for all you’ve done here. And all the best, going forward.

  10. Thank you. I am sad, but happy and hopeful for you. May you continue to find creative renewal. And here’s to all the young ones and the marvels yet to come. You and LH have and will inspire many.

  11. Thank you Sina for your intelligent, unflinching yet generous-hearted thoughts and reviews that I have read on these pages for years. You are a class act, and I look forward to all you have yet to do.

  12. Lemonhound was an inspiration for my site, Canadian Writers Abroad. Whenever I felt bad for my free labour, I was consoled by others doing the same, and doing it well. I am sorry to see it/you go. What will you do next?

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