nathan dueck


Whom will we worship? With which weekly show?
Wonder Woman TM! When will viewers bow down?
Wednesdays! Which warrior wins network renown?
Wonder Woman TM! Why will viewers bow low?
Wielding weapons – broadsword, arrows, longbow –
Wonder Woman TM twirls without weighty brawn!
Weighing wisdom – highbrow, lowbrow, well-known –
Wonder Woman TM brawls with unwieldy woe!
While weak followers wrestle unawares
Wonder Woman TM bestows awesome warnings;
When wary followers weakly withdraw
Wonder Woman TM wrests woeful, worthless swears;
Where followers waver between two wrongs
Wonder Woman TM waves away weary law.

nathan dueck’s
 middle name is russel, which means his initials spell “nrd.” His parents tell him that no one used that word when he was born, but dictionaries say otherwise. He is the author of king’s(mère) (Turnstone Press) and he’ll (Pedlar Press). His next poetry collection, A Very Special Episode, is forthcoming from Buckrider Books.


Author: Jake Byrne

Poetry editor.