Off The Page: Disastrous Confidence

Disastrous Confidence: Call for work

Off The Page March 15-17
Call for Submissions:
Disastrous Confidence, Friday March 16th 4-6

Finding ourselves in the maw of the University, we at Off the Page see the most ethical path forwards to be a messy one. For “Disastrous Confidence”, we hope to eschew the traditional panel format in favour of guerrilla interventions. Our aim is to disrupt the public workings of the University, to occupy its hallways, to stake out the spaces it cordons off and bless them with the presence our bodies. (What is the most urgent form of disruption in the University? We hope you can tell us.)

We invite work from those who love the University’s potential and dislike its rot, from dropouts, from imposters, from those who view the University as one would an abusive lover, from those who would never stoop so low as to attend, or those who see their attendance as part of necessary change. We are in the belly of the beast; toss us an idea that explodes.

We will prioritize work from Black, Indigenous people of color, sex workers, transsexuals, people with disabilities, and working-class writers. While we accept work in all forms – written, recorded, performed, vomited, etc – we are particularly interested in work that lends itself to rambunctious deployment in public space. Participants will be financially compensated.

Please bookmark lemonhound and Off The Page: we are going social media free and will rely on word of mouth, email, and folks sharing. We are bringing the body back to the literary event. Come. Breathe with us.

Deadline March 8, 2018
Submit: Offthepageconcordia at gmail