Erin Robinsong: one poem (one dance score)


I didn’t see the sky tonight
and didn’t think about its legislators. At some point I didn’t need a better view
I needed an enema

of politics. We could elect the climate to power since it
already is

in power,
in power
in power in power

who comprehends complexity.
Theatre. Hustle. Coexistent exigent
I’m writing this at a noise show–

Pedals her violins and sequins speak screeching behind the noisesome
women there’s a video

of dolphins in space. Then a video
of us watching the noise watching ourselves

I wave to myself whose hair
is shorter, who wears spangles
while in I’m blue on blue

on blue so who? Who future parallel
selves or all the parts of us we don’t know about
since we’re alive–

In the future we’ve been dead for some time
the dead have different concerns, different aesthetics
or so I imagine–

Now I’m home drinking wine at my computer
which I shall miss
when I’m dead

Here is what I’m drinking and saying, here is
the score. It is not a page poem, can’t be read
by reading. Each line
is a move –

– Feet together
– Slip between
– I choose
– Face to feet
– Touching someone
– With your mind
– R hand behind back
– To infinity
– Even more
– Permission
– Find an edge
– The whole skin
– Everything which disturbs
– Find warmth
– Consequential
– Tiny gesture within the pelvis
– I try
– Light touches me
– A squeeze of the hand
– L, R, front, R, L, side, up
– Awkwardnesses
– Cumulative
– See a detail
– Describe in movement

Erin Robinsong is a poet and interdisciplinary artist thinking about ecology, interventions, and pleasure in her work. Her writing has been published in places such as Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry; Dandelion; The Capilano Review; The Goose; among others, and is forthcoming in Counter-Desecration: A Glossary for Writing Within The Anthropocene. Her debut collection of poetry, Rag Cosmology, published with BookThug in 2017, won the QWF’s A.M. Klein Prize for Poetry. Recent performance work with choreographer Andréa de Keijzer includes Facing away from that which is coming and This ritual is not an accident. Originally from Cortes Island, Erin lives in Montréal.